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Have to Admit, Alembics are Pretty Cool Too

DATABASE UPDATED Use Next Post for Great PDF

I created a database from scratch. CLICK HERE FOR DATABASE It is a little better than before but still seems you can only search for 1 word at a time or put two or more words together in the exact order you wish to see results. For example 1972 Fender Jazz will not show any results with 1972 Jazz together. To get everything, put 1972 or Jazz then sort through everything.

Updated 7/25/11 Free Used Fender Guitar, Bass and Amp Price List

Updated .pdf 7/25/11 and database 5/30/11. FREE 2011 PRICE LIST / PRICE GUIDE IS HERE NOW!. Used guitar, bass and amp actual sales prices. See the link on the left or click here to view this .pdf listing. The 2008 list on the left is the most comprehensive guide published. 2009, not as good. I expect 2011 to be as good as my 2008 list.

Dating your Fender Jazz Bass or Other Fender Guitar

For great info on dating your Jazz Bass or other Fender guitar
Click Here.

Sorry, I borrowed this from 21Frets.com. Thanks for your help. I hope readers will visit your site after reading this information.

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